Fibre optics

When it comes to conveying large quantities of data as quickly as possible, there is no substitute for fibre optic cable. Because optic fibre is increasingly popular for the cabling of buildings, there is a growing need for copper-to-optical interface converters. IMC Networks offers a wide range of components for applications such as FTTH. Media converters these days are also enhanced with end-to-end-management, prioritisation and traffic shaping, thus allowing carriers to schedule services for customers. The modularity and simplicity of DWDM/CWDM systems means they can be used to interconnect sites using n x gigabits and n x fibre channels. We work closely with our innovative supplier Transmode AB to establish links between computer centres as well as remote access to servers and applications. Carriers these days rely on the modularity, flexibility, swift delivery and adaptability of Ethernet and TDM connections. Atrica boasts a growing clientele for its unique Carrier Ethernet solution, which provides benefits generally associated with far more costly and personnel-intensive systems. It renders the optimisation of existing Ethernet and leased circuits just as viable as future services such as VolP, IPTV and video-on-demand.